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Purpose of this stand alone app is to convert data to GomRecorder format.
It requires the 3.5 Framwork because it uses some Time Zone conversion classes.

Possible uses include:

  • Converting Binary data to Flat for editing purposes
  • Converting Flat to Binary for size purposes
  • Converting NT, IRT and QCollector files to GomRecorder format for backfill purposes.

Input File Format :

Flat, Short, Binary :

Those are GomRecorder Files

Ninja :

Allows converting Ninja export format to GomRecorder format. Bid/Ask won't be available, obviously, but you can use UpTick option in GomCD as a fallback


Investor R/T format

Collector :

Qcollector format. I use this weekly to get a clean file using Qcollector.

Then I add it to the previous week file using binary add in Windows :
copy /bin file1.dat+file2.dat file3.dat

Format is DateTime;Price;Volume;Bid;Ask and looks like this :
30/11/2009 22:30:26;1093;3;;
30/11/2009 22:30:26;;;0;1093
30/11/2009 22:30:27;;;1092,75;0

Input File Culture, InputFile TZ :

Use this if you're converting data that comes from a computer in another country

Compress tick :

Activates tick compression. Don't use if you're planning to do volume size filtering, as some ticks will be aggregated.

Tick size:

Needed for short and binary format as prices aren't recorded as floats but as a number of ticks.
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