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This is pretty much all there is to it. So - it's time for an example.

I am attaching an indicator called "BigMikeExcel" (no prizes for guessing which forum I posted this to first), as usual - just attach it to a chart. Note that you will not be able to import this indicator if you haven't installed and referenced the Microsoft DLL. This is a simple indicator without clutter for you to examine how this works. Please don't complain about there being little in the way of error trapping here!

When you attach the indicator, you will see that you have a space to put in Excel File and workseet name. I am attaching a spreadsheet that can be used. You can put it anywhere on your hard drive - just make sure you change these parameters.

The indicator will do the following:
1 - Find the open spreadsheet OR open it if it is not already open
2 - Format the background colours & foreground colours of colums A-G
3 - Put in headers in row 1
4 - Post the date, time, OHLC, volume to columns A-G
5 - When it's posted 200 prices, it'll start again from the top & keep rolling round

I know this is fairly useless in terms of functionality - it's just to show you how to get the comms working.

Your spreadsheet should look like this:

That's it - any questions - feel free to ask. Like I say, I'm not a C# programmer, so my code wont be perfect. The whole of Excels object model is available so you can literally do anything that Excel can do.

NOTE - on other forums, I also included a spreadsheet "DTTest.rar" - unfortunately, this forum won't let me attach that !!

Good luck.

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