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Default Chart Trader - so no Sell STP or Buy STP


So that confirmed what I believed were the differences.

So I only use Chart Trader to place and mange orders/trades. I do not use an ATM. I use AutoHotKeys placing orders based on pointer/curser position.

AutoHotKeys emulates right clicking on the mouse and selecting one of the three order options.

My question is: with Chart Trader and the right mouse click, why is there no option to place a Sell STP order above the market or a Buy STP order below the market.

Say I want to go long, I use AutoHotKey to place a Buy Stop Limit so I only get into the trade if it trades at my price I placed the order at. But for my profit target I want to get out if price hits my target, even if I am not filled at this price, hence I need to place a Sell STP order so I get out at market. Currently I can only place a Sell LMT order which means if price touches my target does not fill me and falls back I don't get taken out.

Why does Chart Trader not allow you to place Sell STP above market and Buy STP below market?
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