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Default Dynamic number of plots and ribbon average - see attached.

Well, this thread is inactive more than 2 years, but I found a solution.
There is no problem to create requested nr of plots in Initialize() , without hardcoding, and Add(new Plot(... can receive any computed arguments.
My workaround to overcome a problem of only default input values available during Initialize() is to read them from external file. This solution has its limitation - you should edit the input file in external editor everytime before you need to change input values, and you cannot change file path the input values are read from. I can live with it, i'm not sure if others can.
An alternative could be to create custom form for supplying input values during Initialize() , I prefer not to do it, as I feel it may interfere with the framework.

May be, polymorphism mechanism used in OnStartUp() is worth attention either. It saves a lot of hardcoding.

I'm attaching example input file.
Order of parameters is: Average type, low average,high average , step , opacity , saturation, luminosity.

Please pay attention that the only known average types in my code are: SMA,EMA,WMA and HMA. Of course, it's possible to add other indicators, in the switch statement in OnStartUp() . On default, nothing is done and you'll see an empty indicator. I didn't implement an exception, as framework has an exception of its own.

The last 3 parameters are not relevant for RMMA, They allow to play with rainbow blends.

I'm using 256 bars dataseries, therefore there is a limit to high average is : < 254.

Eventually, credits should be given to a person, who created original RMMA.

Attachments: a code, input file and 2 screenshots
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