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Cool Thanks BIGRED

I would feel I may run into the same when I try a Vista.
I have enough issues with XP 2 gig. Especially this morning again.
Yep its the operator I feel LOL. Keeping a record of the things that happen. Especially switching from Zen to a Broker feed the next day.

I tried a Tower 6 months ago dual Core I believe it was around 5.2 with 4 Ram. I returned it especially it wouldn't alow me to do online banking. Major bank said to call the OS MFG we don't support it. Okay!

I didn't have NT then to test.

Well that Vista was to slow for me. It had one advantage it had a Media player. I hooked up my cable.I only use a Antenna 15 channels analog at the time.

Well crisp TV HDTV off computer. Well that started me buying HDTV now as we approach Feb 2009 shut off of analog. I seem to gain more HDev shows Roughly 22.
Now with Hulu and I just found Adobe Media Player. I have plenty of free TV and movies.

I have to watch some LOL shows. Like Hell's Kitchen on Hulu last night or My name is Earl.

Thanks BIG RED Have a Great day,
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