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Default Ninja Trader Fails to Load - Vista

Originally Posted by BIGRED View Post
I had an issue running NT on my HP Vista computer. Many times when I would go to start the program, there was zero response. I tried re-booting - did not help. I found that re-installing NT solved the problem. Once running it was fine, but many a time after using it just once, it would not start. The problem being limited (it would seem) to me and just too weird. I setup a different computer with XP. Which runs great 98% of the time. I do get a windows blue screen - the source of which has not been verified.

On my XP I am running 3 gigs of memory. Using Task Manager I see it just touch 800MB once in awhile....but memory is so cheap (what I use to pay per meg would buy a nice new car) it might be worth putting in ahead of needing it.

I have this exact same problem. It is quite frustrating in the morning! Has anyone found a solution?
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