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Default Fibonacci Retracement 50 % Level Entry


Iīm new in the forum, so donīt really know if this is the appropiate place to post my question. I have the following issue: i want to code the following as part of a custom strategy, but donīt know how to. What I want to do is:

1-Draw a Fibonacci Retracement with 100% at the lowest point of 10 bars ago and 0 % at highest point of current bar.

2- Place an ATM Strategy entry when the price touches the 50% level.

What I really have trouble with is point 2. Iīm already capable of plotting a Fibonacci Retracements object with those parameters, but donīt know how to obtain by code that 50 % level and place an entry exactly there.

Iīd really appreciate some help. Thank you!

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