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Default EquiVolume Chart Style

We've received a few requests to add an "EquiVolume Bars" Chart Style for NinjaTrader 8, and it seems to be a fairly popular chart style for futures traders and others who rely on volume signals along with basic price action on their charts.

To that end, I've created an EquiVolume Chart Style for NinjaTrader 8 to share with the community. I'll be uploading this to the Version 7 Indicators sharing forum temporarily until we have a proper home for it in a NinjaTrader 8 file sharing forum.

  • Identifies the highest single-bar volume displayed on the chart canvas (the visible bars on the chart at a given time)
  • Separates bars into three distinct widths: a Small width for volume less than 1/3rd of the highest volume, a Large width for volume greater than 3/4ths of the highest volume, and a Medium width for everything in between
  • Features three user-defined properties: "High Volume Modifier," "Medium Volume Modifier," and "Low Volume Modifier," which will set the modification for each volume category, based on the "Base Width" property.
  • Re-draws widths immediately when the visible range of the chart is changed.
Enjoy, and of course, feel free to edit this to suit your individual preferences or trading style.
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