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Account Performance Tab

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The Account Performance tab allows you to generate customized performance data against your trade history for a selected account. Performance data is displayed in the Performance Data tabs and as efficiency graphs.


tog_minusUnderstanding the performance report

Performance Report

To generate a performance report:




1.Select the From and To date range for the report
2.Select the Mode for the performance data to be displayed in. The options are Percent, Currency, Points.
3.Press the Generate button


Performance data is generated and displayed in the various Performance Data Tabs.


Group trades by ATM strategy

When this option is selected, trades are reported based on ATM Strategies. For example, if you have an ATM Strategy that had multiple entries and exits, all executions are grouped and reported as one trade record under the Trades tab with single average entry and exit prices.


Note: It is possible to have trades before the From date being listed in your report. NinjaTrader generates reports from the last time you were flat. If a particular instrument was already in the middle of a position at the beginning of the From date, NinjaTrader will report all trades prior to this date up to the point where the position was flat. This will ensure you have a complete picture in terms of your performance on any specific date instead of "jumping" into the middle of a position which may cause inaccurate overall performance.

tog_minusUnderstanding the Advanced menu

Advanced menu

Pressing the Advanced button will expand the Performance tab to include advanced parameters that you can filter your performance reports by. Unchecking any of the items will activate the filtering of your Performance Report. This filtering is done on an executions basis and not a trades basis.




1. Accounts

Sets the account(s) to be included in the performance report

2. Instruments

Sets the instruments to be included in the performance report

3. Templates

Sets the ATM strategies to be included in the performance report

4. Providers

Sets the connectivity providers to be included in the performance report

5. Type

Sets the instrument type used to filter historical trade data for the performance report

6. Compare

Opens a new performance window to generate a new performance report for comparison


Comparison examples:

Time frame based (current week compared to last week)
Account based (simulation account compared to live account)
Instrument based (S&P Emini compared to Dow Mini)
Instrument type based (equities compared to futures)
Template based (strategy x compared to strategy y)