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Adds plot and line objects that define how an indicator data series is visualized on a chart. When this method is called to add a plot, an associated DataSeries object is created that is held in the Values collection.



Add(Plot plot)

Add(Line line)


NOTE: To add Bars objects to your indicator see this article.




A Plot object


A Line object




// Adds a blue line style plot
Add(new Plot(Color.Blue, "myPlot"));


// Adds a blue historgram style plot
Add(new Plot(Color.Blue, PlotStyle.Bar, "myPlot"));


// Adds a blue line style plot with a thickness of 3
Add(new Plot(new Pen(Color.Blue, 3), "myPlot"))


// Adds an oscillator line at a value of 30
Add(new Line(Color.Gray, 30, "Lower"));




1.There are many variations of defined plot and line objects that are not documented. We suggest using the NinjaScript indicator wizard to generate your indicator plot and oscillator lines.
2.Plot objects DO NOT hold the actual indicator values. They simply define how the indicator's values are plotted on a chart.
3.An indicator may calculate multiple values and therefore hold multiple plots to determine the display of each calculated value. Indicator values are held in the indicator's Values collection.
4.If your indicator calculates and stores three values then plots are assigned as per the example below.


protected override void Initialize()
    // Add three plots and associated DataSeries objects
    Add(new Plot(Color.Blue, "PlotA")); // Defines the plot for Values[0]
    Add(new Plot(Color.Red, "PlotB")); // Defines the plot for Values[1]
    Add(new Plot(Color.Green, "PlotC")); // Defines the plot for Values[2]