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BarsArray is an array holding Bars objects that are added via the Add() method. Bars objects can be used as input for indicator methods. This property is of primary value when working with multi-time frame or multi-instrument scripts.


NOTE: This property should NOT be accessed within the Initialize() method.


Property Value

An array of Bars objects.


BarsArray[int index]




protected override void Initialize()
    // Add a 5 minute Bars object which is added to the BarArray
    // which will take index 1 since the primary Bars object of the strategy
    // will be index 0
    Add(PeriodType.Minute, 5);
protected override void OnBarUpdate()
    // Ignore bar update events for the supplementary Bars object added above
    if (BarsInProgress == 1)
    // Pass in a Bars object as input for the simple moving average method
    // Checks if the 20 SMA of the primary Bars is greater than
    // the 20 SMA of the secondary Bars added above
    if (SMA(20)[0] > SMA(BarsArray[1], 20)[0])