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Connecting to Collective2

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You can use NinjaTrader to automatically submit orders to your C2 (Collective2) account.


tog_minusHow does it work?


Real-time orders generated and submitted to any account (live brokerage or simulation) by NinjaTrader can be enabled to have a market order submitted to C2 servers.


The interface supports futures, forex and equities (options are NOT supported)
A single market order is submitted upon an order of any type (market, limit, stop or stop limit) has been reported as filled or part filled
A single market order is submitted for the full order quantity amount (even if it was only part filled)
A market order quantity can be offset based on an optional quantity multiplier
Orders generated while connected to the Market Replay, Simulated Data Feed or External Data Feed connections will NOT be transmitted to C2
Users of the NinjaTrader Multi-Broker Version are able to have their NinjaTrader generated C2 orders distributed as trade signals to your C2 subscribers
In the event that C2 servers are not responding, NinjaTrader will queue orders and submit them in the correct sequence
NinjaTrader will attempt to resubmit queued orders 5 times over a 2.5 minute period, if this threshold is breached, a notification window will pop up and inform you of all orders that have not been submitted and prompt you to synchronize you C2 account via their web interface. Further C2 communicated will cease until NinjaTrader is restarted.


* If your C2 system has paying subscribers, you MUST use the paid for NinjaTrader Multi-Broker Version otherwise you will NOT be able to send trade signals from NinjaTrader to your C2 account.


Please see the NinjaTrader website for more information on purchasing a live license.

tog_minusHow to set up the Account Groups

Collective 2 Setup Up

You must set up an Account Group(s) to instruct NinjaTrader to submit market orders to C2 servers. An Account Group accomplishes the following:


Determines if real-time orders for a specific live or simulation account should replicate orders to C2 servers
Determines what C2 strategy ID an order is associated to
Determines if the real-time order quantity should be offset by a multiplier amount


1.From the NinjaTrader Control Center window, select the Tools menu and select the Options menu item.
2.Within the Options window, select the Data tab and press the Account Groups button to bring up the Account Groups dialog window
3.Type in a name for the Account Group based on the strict naming convention outlined below
4.Assign an account(s) from the list of available accounts
5.Press the "Save" button to save the Account Group
6.Press the "Close" button to close the "Account Groups" dialog window


Anytime you execute a real-time order into an account(s) assigned to a C2 Account Group from any order entry window, Automated Trading Interface or an automated NinjaScript strategy, a C2 order will be submitted for all C2 enabled instruments. (See the "How to enable an instrument" section below for more information)


Note: C2 Account Groups will not show up in any order entry fields. To submit orders to C2 just trade on any account that exists in the C2 Account Group and it will be sent if the trade is done on a C2 enabled instrument.

tog_minusUnderstanding Account Group Naming Conventions

The name of a C2 Account Group must be in the format below ensuring that you have semicolons (;) between parameters:




"C2" in the above example MUST be in caps since it is case sensitive.



Your C2 strategy id used for tracking a C2 strategy.



Your C2 account password.


QuantityMultiplier (Optional)

A factor that will be multiplied by the order quantity to derive the quantity of the market order submitted to C2. For example: If you are trading 10 lots in your account and you specify a value of "0.5", the C2 order will be submitted at a quantity of 5. If the result is an uneven number, NinjaTrader will round up to the nearest whole number.


Example #1

StrategyId = 1982131
YourPassword = candle

No quantity multiplier





Example #2

StrategyId = 98761
YourPassword = jump

Quantity multiplier of 0.5



tog_minusHow to enable an instrument

Enabling an Instrument

You must enable an instrument by 'tagging' the C2 symbol with an asterisk (*) prefix. This ensures that only orders for those instruments you have enabled will be routed to C2.


1.From the NinjaTrader Control Center window, select the Tools menu then the menu item Instrument Manager to bring up the Instrument Manager window
2.Search for the instrument you wish to enable, highlight it and pres the Edit button to bring up the Instrument Editor
3.In the Instrument Editor window, select the Misc tab and scroll down to the Symbol Map section
4.Next to Collective2, add an asterisk (*) in front of the C2 symbol map name (MSFT would be *MSFT)
5.Press the OK button
6.Press the OK button once more


The image below depicts the ES (S&P Emini) instrument enabled (asterisk prefix)




You are now set for NinjaTrader to submit orders to C2. Keep in mind the following:


C2 orders will be placed when you execute a real-time order within an account that is assigned to a C2 Account Group and the traded instrument has been enabled
You MUST disable an instrument (by removing the asterisk in the symbol mapping) if you do not want C2 orders to be generated
tog_minusUnderstanding synchronization


It is possible for various reasons that the communication between NinjaTrader and C2 can be disrupted resulting in the potential of unsubmitted orders. In this event (excluding an unexpected application or computer crash) a notification box will pop up. It is your responsibility to logon to your C2 account via ( and manually synchronize your C2 account to your actual live trading account position size.