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Connecting to TradeStation

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You can use NinjaTrader (even the free Simulation Edition) with TradeStation's real-time data feed.


Initial Set Up

To set up the TradeStation connection:


1. NinjaTrader must be installed

2. Start TradeStation

3. Select the File menu from TradeStation and select the menu item Import/Export EasyLanguage

4. Select the menu item Import EasyLanguage file (ELD, ELS or ELA)

5. Left mouse click the Next button

6. Select the file <NinjaTrader Installation Folder>\bin\AutoTrade\NINJATRADER.ELD"

7. Left mouse click the Next button

8. Left mouse click the Next button

9. Left mouse click the Finish button and confirm any upcoming query box by pressing the OK button.



To connect to TradeStation's real-time data feed:


1. Start NinjaTrader and connect to the External Data Feed connection via the Control Center window by selecting the File menu followed by the Connect menu.

2. Start TradeStation

3. Within TradeSation, open a chart window (@ES for example). Right mouse click and select the menu item Insert Strategy...

4. From the dialog window Insert Strategies select the item NTExternalFeed strategy and press the OK button

5. A new window will appear called Format Analysis Techniques & Strategies. Press the CLOSE button

6. Within NinjaTrader, select the current ES contract from the instrument list (ES 03-09 for the March 2009 contract as an example) from any of the order entry or chart window

You will now receive real-time data from TradeStation in NinjaTrader.


* Only level one data will be transmitted. Market depth is not supported.