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Connecting to your Account

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tog_minusUnderstanding account connections

Account Connections

Within the NinjaTrader Control Center window, select the Tools menu followed by the Account Connections... menu item. This will launch the Account Connection Set Up window. A connection is where you set up your user name, password and any relevant information that allows you to establish a connection to your connectivity provider which is your broker and/or data feed service.




You can access broker/technology specific connection help information via the NinjaTrader Connection Guide.



tog_minusHow to create an account connection

Creating an Account Connection

Within the Account Connection Set Up window you can establish a connection, add a connection, change a connection or remove a connection. The following steps use eSignal as the connectivity provider. This provider is used for demonstration purposes.


To create an account connection:


1. Open the Account Connection Set Up window by going to the Tools menu within the Control Center and selecting the menu item Account Connections...


2. Press the Add... button to launch the connection wizard.




3. After pressing the Next button, you will be prompted to supply:


User defined connection name (Only use alphanumeric characters in the connection name)
Select the connectivity provider
Optional back up data feed connection
Historical Data Options (visibility of these options are dependent on the provider and your license)
Optionally select "Connect on startup" to automatically connect to this connection when NinjaTrader is started.
Note: Please test and ensure your connection is working as expected before using this option as it is possible to input incorrect credentials which could prevent the startup of NinjaTrader.




4. After pressing the Next button, you will be presented with provider specific parameters that you must enter in order to establish a connection. Each different provider may have different options. For specific information relative to your connectivity provider, please see the Connection Guide.




5. Once you have entered in all of the required connectivity information and pressed the Next button, your set up information will be presented to you at which time you must press the Finish button.




The newly created connection will be displayed in the Account Connection Set Up window and can be connected to by selecting the File menu from the Control Center then selecting the Connect menu item and left mouse clicking on the account connection you have created.