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Developing Strategies

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NinjaScript allows you to develop custom strategies in rapid time by using over 100 built-in system indicators, 3rd party indicators or custom indicators. NinjaScript strategies are compiled and run natively within the NinjaTrader application providing the highest performance possible.


Please take the time to review this section including the Strategy Development Process.


Prior to running strategies live, please be sure to review the sections about Strategy Position vs. Account Position and Syncing Account Positions.


Tutorial Descriptions

All internal NinjaTrader indicators and sample strategies come with full source code and can be viewed within the NinjaScript Editor. Please review the tutorials within this section for detailed walk throughs of custom strategy development.


Level 1 - Simple MA Cross Over (Demonstrates strategy construction by wizard and scripting)
Level 2 - RSI with Stop Loss & Profit Target (scripting only)