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Executions Tab

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The Executions tab displays all executions in a data grid.


tog_minusUnderstanding the Executions tab

Executions Data Grid

The current day's execution information will be shown in the data grid when connected to your brokerage connection. Simulated trades (into any simulation account) will appear when connected to any data feed connection.





Right Click Menu

Right mouse clicking within the order grid opens the following menu:




Filter By Account

Sets which executions to display by account


Add an execution to the database (See the "How to add executions" section below)


Remove an execution from the database


Opens a chart of the instrument at the time of the selected execution


Sets the grid properties



Forex Executions

Executions done on currency pairs that do not contain USD will try to grab a conversion rate in real-time shown in the "Rate" column from your data provider. Should a suitable USD conversion rate not be available, a rate of 1 will be used. This rate will be used in determining the PnL in USD for the forex trade in other areas like the Account Performance tabs. The approach NinjaTrader follows is the GAIN Capital approach, but may differ from what banks do since they base their conversion rates off of the prior session's closing price of the currency pair. This means that our calculation approach may result in slightly different PnL values than the ones reported from your brokerage.

tog_minusHow to add executions

Adding Executions

There may be situations where you will want to manually add a historical execution to the database. Historical executions are used to generate performance data in the Account Performance tab. If an execution is missing, the performance data will be incorrect. This could happen since not all brokers provide historical execution. Let's say you placed a good till cancelled (GTC) order on Monday, did not connect on Tuesday at which time your order filled, then connected NinjaTrader on Wednesday, NinjaTrader would never receive the execution report for Tuesday's order fill. You would then have to add this historical execution to the database if you want your performance reporting to be accurate.


To add an execution to the database:


1.Right mouse click in the Executions tab and select the Add... menu item. The Add Execution window appears.
2.Input your desired execution parameter values in the image below
3.Press the OK button


The execution is now added to the database and will be used in performance reporting.