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Importing a List of Stock Symbols

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Importing a Stock List

Importing a list of stock symbols is an efficient way to add instruments to the Instrument Manager in bulk.


1. Within the Control Center window select the File menu. Then select the menu item Utilities and left mouse click on the menu item Import Stock Symbol List...

2. Press the Load button to open a text file that contains your symbol list or type each symbol into the editor manually


The text file must contain valid symbols separated by either -


User defined character such as a semicolon or comma
White space
Carriage return


3. The symbols for import are listed in the editor

4. Select the exchange the instruments are traded on

5. Select the currency the instruments are traded in

6. Optionally add the instruments to an Instrument List (optionally create a new one)

7. Select a Session template for the instruments

8. Enter any user defined separator characters

9. Press the OK button to import