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Instrument Lists

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There are several uses for an instrument list:


Backtesting in the Strategy Analyzer
Quickly adding multiple instruments to the Market Analyzer window
The Default instrument list is used for quick access to commonly used instruments within most NinjaTrader windows such as Charts or the SuperDOM
The RSS instrument list is used for streaming RSS feed news to the News window.


tog_minusUnderstanding the Instrument Manager

Instrument Lists


1.Press the New button to create a new list
2.Press the Delete button to delete a list
3.Display all instrument lists


NOTE: The "Default" and "RSS" instrument lists cannot be deleted.



tog_minusAdding or Removing instruments

The collection of instruments that comprise a list is displayed in the left pane of the Instrument Manager.


Adding an Instrument

To add an instrument to an instrument list:




1.Select the list you wish to add an instrument to
2.Select a master instrument in the instrument grid (See the Searching for Instruments section of the Help Guide for more information)
3.Depending on the instrument type, parameter drop down lists will become enabled. In the above example, the ES futures contract is selected which prompts you to enter the Exchange and Expiry parameters you wish to use.
4.Left mouse click on the left arrow button


The instrument is added to the instrument list and will now be available throughout the NinjaTrader application.


Removing an Instrument

To remove an instrument from an instrument list:


1.Left mouse click on the instrument you wish to remove from the instrument list in the left pane of the Instrument Manager.
2.Press the right arrow button