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Misc Tab

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The Misc tab sets miscellaneous NinjaTrader options.




Mail Setup

This section sets email configuration options



Sets the server address (if left blank, the NinjaTrader server will be used)


Sets the server port


Check only if your email server uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security


Sets the server user name


Sets the server password


Sends a test message through the server

Mail alert messages to

Sets the email address alerts messages will be sent to


Flatten Positions

This section sets a time to automatically flatten positions


Time to flatten

Sets the time (local PC time) where a position will be flattened and working orders cancelled. This feature can be enabled per position from the right mouse click menu of any Order Entry windows. "12:00:00 AM" setting disables this feature.

Flatten all

Enables or disables the flattening of all positions and cancelling of working orders across all positions and accounts