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Multiple Simulation Accounts

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You can create an unlimited number of simulation accounts in NinjaTrader.


tog_minusHow to create multiple simulation accounts

Steps to Create Multiple Simulation Accounts

1.Open the NinjaTrader Control Center.
2.Select the Tools menu.
3.Select the menu item Options.
4.Once the Options window opens select the Simulator Tab.
5.Left click on the Accounts button.
6.Type in the name of your new account (user defined) and click the Save button.


The account will be active the next time you connect to a data provider.

tog_minusWhich users can create multiple simulation accounts?

Free License Users

Free license users are limited to the single Sim101 account and cannot create multiple simulation accounts
You can upgrade to the paid license at anytime buy purchasing a live license.


Live License Users

Live license users can create an unlimited number of simulation accounts.
These accounts will show when you are connected alongside with the Sim101 account and any available connected brokerage accounts.