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Order & Position Display

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Orders and positions within Chart Trader are displayed in a highly visual manner.



tog_minusUnderstanding order display

Order Display

An order is visualized as a color coded line with the order price label in the right margin and a label indicating the order qty, action and either order type or name.


Limit Order

Default color is cyan with the text "LMT"

Stop Market Order

Default color is pink with text "STP"

Stop Limit Order

Default color is violet with text "SLM"

Market Order

Market orders are not displayed (see Control Center Orders Tab for more information)

Stop Loss Order

Default color is red

Profit Target Order

Default color is lime


Chart trading color properties can be set via the Chart Trader properties window.


The image below displays how orders are visualized in a NinjaTrader chart.


1. Buy stop limit order for 1 contract at a price of 1136.00

2. Buy stop market order for 1 contract at a price of 1135.00

3. Buy limit order for 1 contract at a price of 1131.00



tog_minusUnderstanding Position Display

Position Display

A position is displayed with the quantity, average entry price and unrealized profit/loss on the chart. The quantity is also color coded green representing a long position and red representing a short position.


The image below displays the chart with an active position managed by an Advanced Trade Management strategy.


1. Two profit target orders (T1 and T2)

2. Average position and PnL flag for 2 contracts long

3. Stop loss order (S1)*

4. Current position size

5. Average position price

6. PnL


* The stop loss order is actually comprised of two orders as indicated by the letter "s" next to the qty number "2".