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Gets a value indicating the completion percent of the current bar in progress.


Will always return a value of zero (0) when working with Kagi, LineBreak, Range, Renko, or PointAndFigure bars
Will always return a value of one (1) which represents 100% during a strategy backtest

NOTE: This property does not track the completion percent of historical bars. When accessing it on a historical bar it will return the progress of the currently building bar. All historical bars are already 100% complete and you can check if it is a historical bar with "if (Historical)".


Property Value

A double value representing a percent. e.g. 50% complete would return 0.5.


Additional Access Information
This property can be accessed without a null reference check in the OnBarUpdate() event handler. When the OnBarUpdate() event is triggered, there will always be a Bar object which holds the PercentComplete property. Should you wish to access this property elsewhere, check for null reference first. e.g. if (Bars != null)