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If true, the user can configure the indicator within the indicator dialog window to use different price types for input.


Property Value

This property returns true if the indicator can be configured by price type; otherwise, false. Default set to true.







// Initialize method of a custom indicator
protected override void Initialize()
    Add(new Plot(Color.Orange, "SMA"));
    PriceTypeSupported = true; // Different price types can be selected when applying an
                              // indicator to a chart





1.When applying an indicator to a chart, the default input data used in the indicator is the data series representing the price bars of a chart. Since price bars have open, high, low, close, and volume data points, the indicator defaults to using the 'close' data point for indicator calculation. If you set the 'PriceTypeSupported' value to true, the user of the indicator can then configure it to use any of the supported price types for calculation.