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FX Pro Properties

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The FX Pro order entry window is highly visual by design but can also be customized to your preferences through the FX Pro Properties menu.

tog_minusHow to access the FX Pro Properties window

You can access the FX Pro properties dialog window by clicking on your right mouse button within the FX Pro window and selecting the menu Properties.

tog_minusAvailable properties and definitions



Property Definitions

Action buttons color

Sets the color for action buttons (CLOSE, BE etc...)

Buy buttons color

Sets the color for all the buy buttons

Highlight color

Sets the color for button highlighting

Sell buttons color

Sets the color for all the sell buttons

Simulation color

Sets the color of the FX Pro window background when a simulation account (Sim101) is selected

ATM Strategy Selection Mode

Sets the behavior mode of the price ladder display and strategy selector (see more)

Caption bar display

Sets the text displayed in the caption bar of the Basic Entry

Level II font

Sets the font style for the Level II display

Parameter type

Sets the parameter type used for entering strategy information. *Price parameter type is absolute price NOT an offset value (Example: Stop Loss = 1 will submit an order at a price of 1 NOT 1 point away from entry)

PnL display unit

Sets the display unit for profit and loss

Scale quantity

Sets the scale order quantity amount.

Show realized PnL when flat

Displays realized profit and loss for the selected account when flat

Simulated order volume trigger

Sets the value for a simulated order volume trigger (for entry and exit orders and NOT used for stop loss)

tog_minusHow to set the default properties

Set Default

Once you have your FX Pro window properties set up to your liking, you can press the "Set Default" button which will save these settings as the default settings used every time you open a new FX Pro window. If you change your settings and later wish to go back to the original factory settings you can press the "Reset" button.