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In order to record live market data for use with Market Replay, you must first turn on the replay recorder.


tog_minusHow to enable the Market Replay recorder

Enabling the Replay Recorder

To enable the replay recorder:


1.Left mouse click on the Tools menu and select the menu item Options.
2.Left mouse click on the Data tab and select Record for market replay




All live data from instruments that are active in any NinjaTrader window will now be recorded for replay. (See the "How to record live market data" section below)

tog_minusHow to record live market data

Recording Data

Once Record for market replay is enabled (see the "How to enable the Market Replay recorder" section above for how to enable), data is recorded for any instrument in any NinjaTrader window that is receiving live market data. Level II (market depth) data is only recorded if a Level II, SuperDOM, or FX Pro window is open and receiving data for the instrument. The Market Analyzer window is the recommended recording window as multiple instruments can be added to one Market Analyzer window and all recorded at the same time.

tog_minusHow to download replay data from the NinjaTrader server

Downloading Replay Data

NinjaTrader offers a limited amount of replay data free to download. Only the most common instruments are currently available.



Record for market replay must be disabled from the Data tab of the Options menu before downloading replay data.
NOT available when connected to the Market Replay connection.


To download replay data:


1.Select the File menu in the Control Center, select the menu item Utilities and select Download Replay Data... The Download Replay Data window appears.
2.Select the instrument and date of the desired replay data and press the OK button to begin the download.




The status of the download will appear in the lower right hand corner of the Control Center.