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The following tutorials demonstrate building both indicators and strategies in NinjaTrader over several skill levels. More information as well as development support can be found on the NinjaTrader Support Forum.


Developing Indicators

Level 1 - Demonstrating the use of price variables
Level 2 - Demonstrating the use of indicator on indicator
Level 3 - Demonstrating the use of a "for" loop to build a simple moving average indicator
Level 4 - Demonstrating the use of IndicatorSeries objects to retain historical custom calculations data series
Level 5 - Demonstrating the use of custom plot coloring based on threshold values
Level 6 - Demonstrating the use of custom of drawing using bar color, back color and line colors


Developing Strategies

Level 1 - Simple MA Cross Over (Demonstrates strategy construction by wizard and scripting)
Level 2 - RSI with Stop Loss & Profit Target (scripting only)