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Using IsRising and IsFalling conditions in the Strategy Builder

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NinjaTrader's Strategy Wizard includes access to many methods and properties, including the Rising() and Falling() methods. It is possible to check if an indicator (or any DataSeries) is rising or falling using these methods. You can also use High values, Low values, or any other DataSeries with Rising() or Falling() to qualitatively determine the direction of the DataSeries. This simple sample demonstrates Rising() and Falling() in the Strategy Wizard.



This is a Strategy Wizard sample.


This reference sample demonstrates the following concepts

Using Rising() and Falling() in the Strategy Wizard


Important methods and properties used include



Other methods and properties of interest include



Import instructions

1.Download the file contained in this Help Guide topic to your PC desktop
2.From the Control Center window, select the menu File > Utilities > Import NinjaScript
3.Select the downloaded file and click Import.