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Working with Hot Keys

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You can customize the Hot Keys by assigning the desired key stroke in the related action field. You also have the ability to print the full list of actions and their related Hot Keys for easy reference.



tog_minusUnderstanding the Hot Key Manager

Active Window

The Active Window section displays a list of NinjaTrader windows where Hot Keys can be assigned. Please see the "Understanding when Hot Keys are active" section of this page for more information on the active window.


Available Actions

The Available Actions section displays the actions available for Hot Key assignment within the selected active window.


Assigned Hot Keys

The assigned Hot Keys section displays the key stroke that is assigned to the action to the left.


In the image below:

-Chart is the Active Window

-Line is an Available Action

-F2 is the Assigned Hot Key



tog_minusHow to assign a Hot Key

Assigning a Hot Key

You can assign a key stroke as a Hot Key to the desired action by completing the following steps:


1. Left mouse click in the action field where you want your Hot Key assigned.

2. Left mouse click on the drop down arrow that appears in this field.

3. Select a Modifier.

4. Select a Key and press the OK button.





Make sure you are not assigning the same Hot Key to two different actions that can be invoked simultaneously. You will be asked to reassign the Hot Key if you do.



tog_minusHow to remove a Hot Key

Removing a Hot Key

There are two ways to remove a Hot Key:


1. Left mouse click in the action field where you wish to remove the Hot Key and select the drop down arrow. Then left  mouse click on the Remove button.




2. Select the action field where you wish to remove the Hot Key then right mouse click and select the Remove Hot Key menu item.



tog_minusUnderstanding when Hot Keys are active

Hot Keys are window sensitive. This means that Hot Keys will only work when the active window is selected. The name of the window that needs to be active is located in the left column of the Hot Key Manager.





Hot Keys assigned under the Global section are always active regardless of the active NinjaTrader window with the exception of the modal form having focus. See the "Understanding the risks in using Hot Keys for order entry" section of the Trading with Hot Keys page of the Help Guide for more information on the modal form exception.



Hot Keys assigned under the Grid section are active whenever a window with a grid is selected. Examples of these are Market Analyzer or the Orders tab of the Control Center.


Order Entry

Hot Keys assigned under the Order Entry section are active whenever an order entry window is selected. Please see the Trading with Hot Keys section of the Help Guide for more information on this topic.

tog_minusHow to print your Hot Keys for reference

NinjaTrader gives you the ability to print your assigned Hot Keys for convenient reference.


Printing Hot Keys

To print a full list of your Hot Keys, right mouse click in the Hot Key Manager and select the Print Hot Keys menu item.