AI Generate (Experimental)

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AI Generate (Experimental)

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The AI Generate optimizer is an experimental tool designed to help traders find new strategy approaches. It can combine up to 73 NinjaTrader default indicators, 25 Candlestick patterns, and single series custom indicators.

Internally a Genetic Algorithm is used to search through the potential entry and exit combinations possible to find the best performing ones according to the Max Strength optimization criterion.

To prevent against potentially over-fitting against historical data, the AI Generate will check its own results after each generation using a Monte Carlo Simulation, it finds the 95% confidence interval.


We are excited to bring you this new tool to enhance your NinjaTrader strategy trading and are looking for feedback to further enhance it.


To run an AI Generate optimization you will need:


Access to historical data

A thorough understanding of the Strategy Analyzer's backtesting and optimization capabilities


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