ATM Strategy Selection Mode

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ATM Strategy Selection Mode

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Most of the NinjaTrader order entry screens have three modes that you can set to determine the behavior of the ATM Strategy selection control list upon submission of an order that enters the market/initiates an ATM Strategy. You can set this mode via the order entry screen's Properties dialog window that is accessible via the right mouse click context menu.


Before reviewing this section you should have a thorough understanding of how the strategy control list determines what actions (if any) to take when a submitted order is filled. Please review the video and content in the preceding page ATM Strategy Parameters.




As a quick reminder, when the strategy control list is set to:

<None> - Orders submitted take no action once filled or part filled (no stops or targets are placed)

<Custom> - Orders submitted will initiate the custom defined ATM Strategy (submission of stops and targets) once filled or part filled

<My Strategy Template Name> - Orders submitted will initiate your user defined ATM Strategy (submission of stops and targets) once filled or part filled

active_atm My Strategy Template Name - X > - Existing ATM Strategy stop and target orders will be amended once the submitted order is filled or part filled


There are three available ATM Strategy Selection Modes:

Select Active ATM Strategy on Order Submission

Keep Selected ATM Strategy Template on Order Submission

Display Selected ATM Strategy Only

tog_minus        Understanding the "Select Active ATM Strategy on Order Submission" mode

tog_minus        Understanding the "Keep Selected ATM Strategy Template on Order Submission" mode

tog_minus        Understanding the "Display Selected ATM Strategy Only" mode