Automated Trading Interface (ATI)

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Automated Trading Interface (ATI)

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You can enable the AT Interface on under Automated trading interface category from the General Options menu.


Automated Trading Interface (ATI) Overview

NinjaTrader's ATI (Automated Trading Interface) provides efficient protocols to communicate trading signals from various external sources to NinjaTrader for the automation of order execution.


Popular charting applications such as but not limited to TradeStation, eSignal, NeoTicker, and Investor RT

Custom applications written in but not limited to Visual Studio .NET, Visual Basic, Delphi, and MS Excel

Black box trading systems


NinjaTrader provides methods for automated trading through NinjaScript or from an outside source via the Automated Trading Interface (ATI).


What can I do and how?

Commands and Valid Parameters


File Interface

DLL Interface




Note: This interface is ONLY used for processing trade signals generated from external applications and is NOT a full blown brokerage/market data API. If you are interested in automated trading using native NinjaScript strategies please proceed to the following help guide section.