Clear Browser Cache

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Clear Browser Cache

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How to clear your browser cache

In order to download or upgrade NinjaTrader you may need to clear your browser cache. Common errors that occur when this is the case are Cabinet File Errors and errors involving Temporary Files.  If you receive one of these errors when installing or updating NinjaTrader please follow the steps listed below to accomplish a successful download of the NinjaTrader application.


Internet Explorer:

1.Select the Tools menu in the top right of the browser

2.Select the menu item Internet Options

3.Select the "Delete your browsing history" button.

4.Attempt the download again



1.Select the Chrome Menu button which is 3 horizontal lines in the top right of the browser

2.Select Tools

3.Select "Clear browsing data"

4.Select all check boxes and confirm the browser clear.

5.Attempt the download again



1.Select the "Firefox" menu button in the top left of the browser

2.Select Options.

3.In the advanced panel select the Network tab

4.Under the Cached Web Content section click "Clear Now"

5.Attempt the download again