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ControlCenter is a XAML-defined class containing the layout and properties of the Control Center window. When altering the Control Center window (for example, to add a menu item into the "New" menu to launch an NTWindow as part of an AddOn, as seen in the example below), a generic reference to a Window object can be cast to ControlCenter specifically.


Note:  For a complete, working example of this class in use, download framework example located on our Developing AddOns Overview




private NTMenuItem ControlCenterNewMenu;
protected override void OnWindowCreated(Window window)
  // We want to place the menu item for the AddOn in the Control Center's "New" menu
  // First obtain a reference to the Control Center window
  ControlCenter cc = window as ControlCenter;
  if (cc == null)
  /* Determine we want to place the AddOn in the Control Center's "New" menu
   Other menus can be accessed via the control's "Automation ID". For example: toolsMenuItem, workspacesMenuItem, connectionsMenuItem, helpMenuItem. */
  ControlCenterNewMenu = cc.FindFirst("ControlCenterMenuItemNew") as NTMenuItem;