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The following CS0200 error code information is provided within the context of NinjaScript. The examples provided are only a subset of potential problems that this error code may reflect. In any case, the examples below provide a reference of coding flaw possibilities.


Error Code Explanation

This error is most common when you try to assign values to a particular Series<T> index that is read-only. Instead try making your own Series<T> and assign the value there.


Error Description
Property or indexer 'NinjaTrader.NinjaScript.ISeries<double>.this[int]' cannot be assigned to -- it is read only


Example #1

// Erroneous Sample Code - Cannot assign values to something that is read-only

Close[0] = 25;


// Resolution Sample Code - Assigns value to a custom Series<double>

myCustomClose[0] = 25;


Example #2

// Erroneous Sample Code - Cannot reassign values to Series<double> indexed value and cannot have an if statement based // on an assignment operator

if (Close[0] = Open[0])


// Resolution Sample Code - Properly compares two Series<double> values

if (Close[0] == Open[0])