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The following CS0234 error code information is provided within the context of NinjaScript. The examples provided are only a subset of potential problems that this error code may reflect. In any case, the examples below provide a reference of coding flaw possibilities.


Error Code Explanation

This error can occur when an imported DLL (could be a 3rd party indicator) you are referencing no longer exists / has been removed.


To resolve this the DLL must be re-imported.


To re-import a 3rd party dll:

1.Open the NinjaScript Editor via New > NinjaScript editor.

2.Right mouse click in the NinjaScript Editor main window and select the menu name "References"

3.In the "References" dialog window press the button "Add"

4.Select the 3rd party DLL


Warning: Please make sure in this step to select only the 'true' DLL file needed for reference, which would not contain any X86 or X64 suffixes in its file-name, otherwise you could run into compile issues later.


Error Descriptions

The type or namespace name '<name>' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

The type or namespace name '<name>' does not exist in the namespace 'NinjaTrader.Indicator' (are you missing an assembly reference?)