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The following CS0428 error code information is provided within the context of NinjaScript. The examples provided are only a subset of potential problems that this error code may reflect. In any case, the examples below provide a reference of coding flaw possibilities.


Error Code Explanation

This error can occur when you miscall a method such as indicator methods.


If you are calling an indicator please ensure that you have both the parameters '()' and the indexing value '[]' set. For other methods please ensure you pass all required parameters through the parameters set '()'.


Error Description #1
Cannot convert method group 'SMA' to non-delegate type 'double'. Did you intend to invoke the method?


Example #1

// Erroneous Sample Code - SMA() indicator method is improperly called

double myValue = SMA;


// Resolution Sample Code - SMA() indicator method is properly called

double myValue = SMA(5)[0];


Example #2

// Erroneous Sample Code - ToString is a method and requires round brackets () to be properly called

string str = Close[5].ToString;


// Resolution Sample Code - ToString() is properly called

string str = Close[5].ToString();