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The following CS1501 error code information is provided within the context of NinjaScript. The examples provided are only a subset of potential problems that this error code may reflect. In any case, the examples below provide a reference of coding flaw possibilities.


Error Code Explanation

This error can occur when you use use an overload (method parameter signature) that does not exist. This could be because you are passing in 3 arguments when the method only requires 2.


You can cycle through the available overloads with the use of the up and down arrows on the Intelliprompt when you call an indicator method or any other method.


Error Description #1
No overload for method 'SMA' takes '0' arguments


Example #1

// Erroneous Sample Code - SMA() does not contain an overload that has 3 arguments

double myValue = SMA(Close, 5, 2)[0];


// Resolution Sample Code - SMA() has an overload consisting of 2 arguments

double myValue = SMA(Close, 5)[0];


Example #2

// Erroneous Sample Code - EMA() does not contain an overload that has 0 arguments

double myValue = EMA()[0];


// Resolution Sample Code - EMA() has an overload consisting of 1 argument

double myValue = EMA(5)[0];