Distribution Procedure

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Distribution Procedure

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NinjaTrader makes it easy to distribute complete packages for your clients. Not only can you distribute your indicators and strategies, but you can also seamlessly deploy your own custom assemblies, native DLLs, chart templates, and Market Analyzer templates to your clients.



Creating the distribution package

To create a distribution package, please follow the steps shown here for creating a Export file containing your NinjaScript indicators and/or strategies.


It is strongly recommended that you export your scripts as an assembly and use SecureTeam's Agile.NET. Only this process will provide you with the highest level of security possible in order to protect your intellectual property. For more information on using SecureTeam's Agile.NET please see the Protection/DLL Security section.


After you finish using the Export utility you will find the distribution package as a .zip file located in My Documents\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom\ExportNinjaScript. If you only wanted to distribute your NinjaScript files then providing your customers with this .zip and having them go through the Import process would install it on their machines. If you wish to add more custom files to your distribution package, please see the sections below.


Critical: It is important to let your customers know that NinjaTrader 8 indicators and strategies are NOT necessarily compatible with NinjaTrader Version 7.

tog_minus        Adding custom assemblies or native DLLs

tog_minus        Adding templates

tog_minus        Adding workspaces

tog_minus        Adding custom resource files


Note: When modifying the .zip archives, if your zip utility application has an option for storing or recreating relative paths please be sure to turn this off as it will cause problems when importing the archive to NinjaTrader.