Chart Properties

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Chart Properties

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Many of the visual display settings of NinjaTrader charts can be customized using the Chart Properties window.


tog_minus        How to access the Chart Properties window

The Chart Properties window can be accessed in the following ways:


1.Left mouse click the Properties button in the chart toolbar
2.Right mouse click within the chart and select the menu item Properties
3.Use the default CTRL + T Hot Key

tog_minus        Available properties and definitions

The following chart properties are available for configuration within the Chart Properties window:





Allow the selection or drag/drop of chart series

Enables or disables the selection of Data Series and indicators for drag and drop

Equidistant bar spacing

Enables or disables plotting bars an equal distance from each other. Please see the "Working with Multiple Data Series" section of the Help Guide for more information.


Sets the font display properties for the chart

Right side margin

Sets the spacing between the Y-axis and the current bar in pixels

Chart trader

Sets the chart trader display mode.

Show date range

Enables or disable showing the date range label in to the top left of chart. The date range reported is the dates that are currently visible in the chart.

Show scrollbar

Enables or disables showing the horizontal chart scroll bar

Tab name

Sets the name displayed in the tab. By default the instrument name is displayed.


Chart background

Sets the chart background color

Crosshair label

Sets the color for the cross hair label

Inactive price markers

Price markers display the current price of bars and indicators on the Y-axis. When looking at the current bar, the price markers will take the color of the data series. When scrolling back through historical bar data, the markers are inactive (not real-time) and will be displayed by the color set on this property


Sets the font display properties for the chart



Sets the drawing properties for both the vertical and horizontal chart axis


Sets the drawing properties of the crosshair

Grid line - horizontal

Sets the drawing properties of the horizontal grid lines

Grid line - vertical

Sets the drawing properties of vertical grid lines

Panel splitter

Sets the drawing properties of the splitter drawn between panels.


Always on top

Sets if the window will be always on top of other windows.


Defaults for the Chart Properties window can be saved by left mouse click on the "Set Default" button. Please see the "Saving Chart Defaults" section of the Help Guide for more information.

tog_minus        Using Tab Name Variables

Tab Name Variables

A number of pre-defined variables can be used in the "Tab Name" field of the Chart Properties window. For more information, see the "Tab Name Variables" section of the Using Tabs page.