Creating a Market Analyzer Window

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Creating a Market Analyzer Window

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tog_minus        Understanding the Market Analyzer display

Market Analyzer Display Overview

Each NinjaTrader Market Analyzer is a free floating window that can be manually resized by dragging the edges of the window and moved by left mouse clicking and dragging in the upper most margin for arrangement within the open Workspace.


The image below shows some of the common features of a Market Analyzer window:


1. Columns

Displays the column name

2. Instrument row

Displays the instrument name

3. Label row

Displays a user defined label row.

4. Link button

Window linking links windows to the same instrument and can be applied to many NinjaTrader windows.

5. Total row

Displays the sum of all rows for a specific column. Can be applied in the Market Analyzer Properties window.

6. Loading dialog

Display a message indicating when an indicator or historical data is being loaded into the Market Analyzer




Right Click Menu

All functions of the Market Analyzer can be accessed by pressing on your right mouse button within the Market Analyzer window to bring up the right click menu.




Add Instrument(s)

Adds an individual instrument or list of instruments to the Market Analyzer display

Create Instrument Lists...

Dynamically creates a list of all the current instruments in the Market Analyzer display which can be accessed from the Instrument Lists window

Add Blank Row

Adds a blank row to the Market Analyzer display

Add Label Row

Adds a Label Row to the Market Analyzer display

Remove Row

Removes a selected row from the Market Analyzer display


Opens the Columns menu to configure user defined columns to be displayed


Opens the Alerts window to configure user defined alerts to be armed

Auto Sort

Enables/Disables the dynamic sorting and ranking

Row Filter

Enables/Disables row filters

Send To

Loads the selected instrument into another NinjaTrader window

Always On Top

Sets the Market Analyzer window to always be on top of other windows



Exports the Market Analyzer contents to "CSV" or "Excel" file format


Search for a term in the Market Analyzer


Displays Print options


Displays Share options

Reload All Historical Data

Reloads the historical bar data used for Indicator calculations

Reload NinjaScript

Reloads all of the NinjaScript columns to recalculate the current values


Access the templates menu to save/load custom Market Analyzer settings


Set the Market Analyzer properties