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The General section sets general application options.

tog_minus        Understanding general properties

General Properties

General properties can be set in the Options window with the General category selected. Each available property is described below:





Confirm on window or tab close

Enables or disables if the display of a dialogue box to confirm on tab or window close to prevent accidental window closures.

Custom performance metric(s)

Sets which custom performance metrics you would like included in account performance and strategy analyzer results. Performance Metrics are NinjaScript objects which can be created via the NinjaScript Editor and installed by third party vendors.

Email log alert messages to

Sets the email address that you would like any alert messages from the log tab in the Control Center to be sent to automatically. Leaving this field blank disables this feature. Note: For emails to be sent, you must first define a default email account to be used via the Share Services property below.

Global Drawing Objects Across Workspaces

Sets whether Global Drawing Objects should be applied across all open workspaces.

Global link button across workspaces

Sets whether the global link button will work across all open workspaces or only the current workspace.


Sets the language you would like NinjaTrader to use. Changing this property requires a restart.

Share services

Manages your defined social network and email accounts. You must first set up a Share Service to enable sharing functionality from NinjaTrader. See the "Managing Sharing Services" section below for more information.

Show tool tips

Sets whether description tool tips will be displayed. Note: Tool tips that show cut-off text will still function.


Sets the skin you would like to use for NinjaTrader. Changing this property requires a restart. Skins are NinjaScript objects which can be created and modified.

Time zone

Sets the time zone that NinjaTrader will use. All charts and market data will be displayed in this time zone. Time zones are set to your local PC time by default.

Versions of recovery workspaces

Indicates how many version back of saved recovery workspaces to retain


Play consecutively

Sets whether sounds will be queued to play in sequence without overlap, or if simultaneous sounds will play at the same time.

Alert Sounds

All alert sounds are listed in alphabetical order by alert name. Sound files can be replaced by clicking any of these fields, or muted by clicking the small X icon to remove the assigned sound file.

tog_minus        Managing Share Services

Share Services

The Share Services dialog allows you to set up your various social media accounts. NinjaTrader ships with Sharing Adapters for Email, StockTwits, and Twitter, and it is possible for developers to create their own ShareService in NinjaScript to access other social media outlets.




Depending on the available sharing service you are configuring changes the settings needed to complete the setup. Please see the below guides for setting up each of the sharing services pre loaded with NinjaTrader 8


Email Service Setup

To setup an Email account that can be used to send messages from NinjaTrader select "Email" from the available section and click add. The Properties section is now available to enter the needed information to set up your Email Share Service. NinjaTrader needs valid SMTP email server that it can use to send outbound emails.





Service name

Sets the name of the Share Service that will be used to identify this account when selecting a service to which to share content

Connection - Server

Sets the server address used for the SMTP connection

Connection - Port

Sets the server port used for the SMTP connection


Sets whether is the default sharing service to be used for automated sharing from NinjaScript. Note: You can only have one default per service type.

Connection - SSL

Sets whether your email server uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security

Email address

The Email Address that will be used for the "From" field when sending outbound emails.

User name

Sets the server user name


Sets the server password


Sends a test email through the server


StockTwits and Twitter Service Setup

To set up an account that can be used to post messages and images from NinjaTrader, select a provider from the available sectionn then click add. After this, enter the required data to set up the account in the properties section.





Service name

Sets the name of the Share Service that will be use to identify this account when sharing content

User name

Displays the username of the connected account. Note: This field will automatically populate after an account is connected.


Sets if this is the default sharing service to be used for automated sharing from NinjaScript. Note: You can only have one default per service type.


Press "Connect" to launch a web browser to log in to your account and authorize NinjaTrader to post on your behalf. Once authorized, the browser window will be closed and your User name will be displayed in the field above.