System Indicator Methods

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System Indicator Methods

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The "Indicators" reference provides definitions, syntax, parameter definitions and examples for NinjaTrader system indicator methods.


Valid Input Data for Indicator Methods
Accumulation/Distribution (ADL)
Adaptive Price Zone (APZ)
Aroon Oscillator
Average Directional Index (ADX)
Average Directional Movement Rating (ADXR)
Average True Range (ATR)
Balance of Power (BOP)
Bollinger Bands
BuySell Pressure
BuySell Volume
Chaikin Money Flow
Chaikin Oscillator
Chaikin Volatility
Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO)
Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
Current Day OHL
Directional Movement (DM)
Directional Movement Index (DMI)
Donchian Channel
Double Stochastics
Dynamic Momentum Index (DMIndex)
Ease of Movement
Fisher Transform
Forecast Oscillator (FOSC)
Keltner Channel
Linear Regression
Linear Regression Intercept
Linear Regression Slope
MA Envelopes
Maximum (MAX)
Minimum (MIN)
Money Flow Index (MFI)
Moving Average - Double Exponential (DEMA)
Moving Average - Exponential (EMA)
Moving Average - Hull (HMA)
Moving Average - Kaufman's Adaptive (KAMA)
Moving Average - Mesa Adaptive (MAMA)
Moving Average - Simple (SMA)
Moving Average - T3 (T3)
Moving Average - Triangular (TMA)
Moving Average - Triple Exponential (TEMA)
Moving Average - Triple Exponential (TRIX)
Moving Average - Variable (VMA)
Moving Average - Volume Weighted (VWMA)
Moving Average - Weighted (WMA)
Moving Average - Zero Lag Exponential (ZLEMA)
Moving Average Convergence-Divergence (MACD)
n Bars Down
n Bars Up
On Balance Volume (OBV)
Order Flow Cumulative Delta
Order Flow Volumetric Bars
Order Flow VWAP
Parabolic SAR
Percentage Price Oscillator (PPO)
Polarized Fractal Efficiency (PFE)
Price Oscillator
Prior Day OHLC
Range Indicator (RIND)
Rate of Change (ROC)
Regression Channel
Relative Spread Strength (RSS)
Relative Strength Index (RSI)
Relative Volatility Index (RVI)
Standard Deviation (StdDev)
Standard Error (StdError)
Stochastics Fast
Stochastics RSI (StochRSI)
Summation (SUM)
Time Series Forecast (TSF)
True Strength Index (TSI)
Ultimate Oscillator
Volume (VOL)
Volume Moving Average (VOLMA)
Volume Oscillator
Volume Rate of Change (VROC)
Volume Up Down
Williams %R
Woodies CCI
Woodies Pivots