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Prevents real-time market data events from being raised while the indicator's hosting feature is in a state that would be considered suspended and not in immediate use by a user.  Enabling this property in your indicator helps save CPU cycles while the hosting feature is suspended and not in use by a user.  Once the hosting feature is in a state that would no longer be considered suspended, the historical OnBarUpdate() events will be replayed allowing the indicator to catch up to current real-time values.


Suspension occurs when the indicator resides on:


Minimized Chart
Minimized Market Analyzer
Minimized Hot List Analyzer
Minimized SuperDOM
Background tabs of above features are considered "minimized"
Inactive workspaces in the background


Note:  Since events in OnBarUpdate() will not be processed while the indicator is suspended, internal NinjaScript functions such as Alert(), PlaySound(), Share(), Print(), etc - or any other method that would be used to notify a user of activity will NOT be processed until the indicator is un-suspended.



Scenarios where suspension will not occur

The IsSuspendedWhileInactive property will be ignored and real-time events will be processed as normal under the following cases:


Indicators running in Automated NinjaScript Strategies
Indicators which have manually configured alerts
Indicators which have been manually attached to orders


Property Value

This property returns true if indicator can take advantage of suspension optimization; otherwise, false. Default set to false.


Note:  This property is overridden to "true" automatically by the NinjaScript Code Wizard.  You will need to remove the property to return to the default value or manually set it to false to disable this behavior



Warning:  This property should ONLY bet set from the OnStateChange() method during State.SetDefaults or State.Configure








protected override void OnStateChange()
    if (State == State.SetDefaults)
        IsSuspendedWhileInactive = true;