Using the Level II Window

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Using the Level II Window

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tog_minus        Selecting an Instrument

There are multiple ways to select an Instrument in the Level II window.


Right clicking on the Level II window and selecting the menu Instruments.
With the Level II window selected begin typing the instrument symbol directly on the keyboard. Typing will trigger the Overlay Instrument Selector.


For more Information on instrument selection and management please see Instruments section of the Help Guide.

tog_minus        Understanding the layout of the Level II window




The Quotes section displays various market data items.



The current bid price


The current ask price


The current last traded price


The current sessions open price


The current sessions high price


The current sessions low price

Prior Close

Yesterdays sessions close price

Net Chg.

Calculated net change in points from the prior close to the current last traded price


The current sessions total volume.


You can disable the Quotes section by clicking on your right mouse button and deselecting the menu item Show Quotes.


2 Summary

The Summary section displays total size per price level.



The bid price by ask price


Number of market participants on the bid by ask price


The total number of shares/contracts on the bid by ask price


The spread between the bid and ask price


Visual display of either Size or Depth (number of market participants)
You can change the graph type via the Level II properties dialog window.


You can disable the Summary section by clicking on your right mouse button and selecting the menu Show Summary.


3 Details

The Details section displays bid data on the left and ask data on the right.



The Market Maker or ECN identification


The bid or ask price


The number of shares/contracts at that price level available for buy or sell by the specific Market Maker or ECN


The last time the bid/ask was refreshed by the Market Maker or ECN


You can disable the Details section by clicking on your right mouse button and de-selecting the menu item Show Details.


Right Click Menu

Right mouse click on the Level II window to access the right click menu.




Selects the instrument

Tracked Market Makers

Selects Market Maker ID's to be tracked

Show Details

Sets if the details section is displayed

Show Quotes

Sets if the quotes section is displayed

Show Summary

Sets if the summary section is displayed

Always On Top

Sets if the window should be always on top of other windows


Displays Print options


Displays Share options


Sets the Level II properties

tog_minus        Using Tabs

The Level II window is a tabbed interface, this gives you the ability to have multiple Level II tabs configured in the same window. Please see the Using Tabs section of the help guide for more information.