Market Analyzer Properties

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Market Analyzer Properties

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The Market Analyzer can be customized to your preferences in the Market Analyzer Properties window.


tog_minus        How to access the Market Analyzer properties window

To access the Market Analyzer Properties window, press down on your right mouse button inside the Market Analyzer window and select the menu Properties...

tog_minus        Available properties and definitions 

The following properties are available for configuration within the Market Analyzer Properties window




Property Definitions


Auto sort

Enables/Disables the automatic ranking and sorting of rows

Auto sort seconds

Sets the interval time in seconds between automatic resorting of rows

Grid font

Sets the font

Label row text alignment

Sets the alignment for the label rows

Row change highlight duration (ms)

Sets the duration (in milliseconds) the instrument cell will remain highlighted.


Note:  The lowest value which will take effect is 1000 (ms)

Row filter

Enables/Disables the automatic filtering of rows from the grid display based on the Filter Conditions of the columns.

Show total row

Enables/Disables the Total row in the Market Analyzer window display grid

Tab name

Sets the tab name


Grid background

Sets the default color of the display grid background

Grid foreground

Sets the default color of the text in a cell

Grid lines

Sets the color of grid lines

Label row background

Sets the default color for the Label row background

Label row foreground

Sets the default color for the Label row foreground

Row changed highlight background

Sets the color for the row change highlight background (set to transparent to disable)

Row changed highlight foreground

Sets the color for the text in the row change highlight (default is disabled, as set to grid foreground)

Total row background

Sets the color of the Total row background


Show tabs

Enables/Disables the tab control

Always on top

Enables/Disables if the window will be always on top of other windows.

tog_minus        How to preset property defaults

Once you have your properties set to your preference, you can left mouse click on the "preset" text located in the bottom right of the properties dialog. Selecting the option "save" will save these settings as the default settings used every time you open a new window/tab.


If you change your settings and later wish to go back to the original settings, you can left mouse click on the "preset" text and select the option to "restore" to return to the original settings.


Market Analyzer Columns along with custom properites can be saved within a Market Analyzer Template.