Performance Tips

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Performance Tips

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There are many variables that contribute to overall performance of the NinjaTrader application.


Different connectivity providers (market data vendors and broker technologies) that NinjaTrader supports vary in their level of real-time data service. For example, providers who deliver unfiltered tick data (submit all market ticks) will impose heavier processing load than a vendor that provides throttled market data.
The load you place on the NinjaTrader application (running 200 charts will consume more processing power than running only 20 charts)
The capability of your PC hardware (are you running a brand new state of the art machine or a 4 year old PC with limited RAM)


The following are some suggestions that can help you fine tune your NinjaTrader installation to run optimally.

tog_minus        Charting

Chart Performance Tips

Set chart indicators "Calculate" property to a value of 'On Bar Close' or 'On Price Change'
Reduce the number of bars on your chart (days back or bars back settings under "Data Series" dialog window
Reduce the number of running indicators
If you are running a custom or 3rd party indicator or strategy, remove them to isolate if these custom NinjaScript objects may be a CPU or memory drain. It only takes one poorly coded NinjaScript object to bring down performance of the entire application.
For setups operating with a lesser powerful GPU, set the crosshair mode to 'Draw cursor only' - it will then only draw a mini cross hair without the full lines but including the price / time axis labels. This helps to decrease the load on the rendering process.
Some computer configurations provide two graphics cards (integrated vs. dedicated).  To get the most out of chart rendering performance, enable a high-performance dedicated graphic processor.  If you need assistance with this configuration, please email

tog_minus        Lagging Market Data

Variables that can impact market data latency

Connecting wirelessly can drastically impact performance during heavy volume periods. Depending on signal strength, your modem/router is unable to push all the data through. This can be resolved by connecting directly into the modem/router via a hard line.
Serious abnormal increases in market volume
Data provider servers could be lagging
Limited bandwidth internet service (56K dial up modem is not acceptable for example)
Inadequate PC hardware or running too many applications on your PC

tog_minus        Market Analyzer

Market Analyzer Days To Load property

"Days To Load" property set this number to the minimum number of bars required to properly initialize any indicator columns. The higher the number, the longer it will take to load data and the more memory (RAM) NinjaTrader will use to hold the data in memory.

tog_minus        Miscellaneous

Within the Control Center window, select Tools > Options > Market Data and make sure "Enable market recording for playback" is unchecked.
Within the Control Center window, select Tools > Options > Data and make sure "Record live data as historical" is unchecked.
Reduce the number of applications running on your PC


Note:  "Save chart data as historical" should only be checked if are using a connectivity provider that does NOT provide historical data

tog_minus        Workspaces

Hidden Workspaces

Hidden workspaces consume CPU cycles so check under Control Center > Workspaces to see all of the workspaces that are open and close any that you seldom or never use.

tog_minus        SuperDOM

Show Volume Text

The "Show Volume Text" property in the SuperDOM's Volume column can impact PC performance and the speed of rendering objects in the SuperDOM. This property is disabled by default to minimize the performance impact, and when disabled, you can hover your mouse cursor over any Volume row to view the exact volume at that row.

tog_minus        Scanning and Search Indexing

Anti-Virus or Backup Software Scanning

Anti-virus or backup software that actively scans files for infection or changes can impede PC performance when using NinjaTrader, as anti-virus scanners can access historical data, the database, and other files which could take time to scan. To eliminate this impact, it is recommended to add exclusions in your anti-virus or backup software for the following two directories:


oC:\Users\User\Documents\NinjaTrader 8
oC:\Program Files (x86)\NinjaTrader 8


Microsoft Windows Indexing

Windows search indexing can also place an extra burden on your processor when running NinjaTrader, negatively impacting performance. It is recommend to exclude the folders listed above from indexing, as well, which can be done via the Windows Control Panel.

tog_minus        Playback

Unused instrument subscriptions in playback

In your playback setup be mindful for which instruments you have added (for example in a Market Analyzer or via Charts) you would have data to playback actually available, as each instrument subscription here would consume CPU cycles and thus contribute to performance experienced. For example having the SP500 index added in your MarketAnalyzer but then only replaying MSFT data is expected to have lower performance in contrast to having only this one MSFT instrument listed in the MarketAnalyer as well.