Price Ladder Display

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Price Ladder Display

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The SuperDOM is designed to allow the trader to view market prices, market depth, current inside market, indicator price levels, PnL, current positions, and pending orders at a glance.  The unique display of each item within the SuperDOM Price Ladder display makes managing open orders and positions easy and efficient.


To open the SuperDOM Window, select the New menu from the NinjaTrader Control Center. Then left mouse click on the menu item SuperDOM (Static) or SuperDOM (Dynamic) (Please see Static vs Dynamic Price Ladder Display for more information)


tog_minus        Understanding the function of each column in the Price Ladder display

The price ladder is broken down into three functional columns by default, and can be extended to display any number of additional custom columns.


Buy Column

The left column is the Buy 1 column which is used to:


Submit buy orders
Modify buy orders
Display the total contracts on the bid at their respective prices (also known as market depth)


Price Column

The center column, known as the Price 2 column, is used to:


Modify stop loss and profit target orders
Display market prices
Display the current bid, ask, and last traded prices
Display indicator price levels


Sell Column

The right column is the Sell 3 column which is used to:


Submit sell orders
Modify sell orders
Display the total contracts on the ask at their respective prices (also known as market depth)





Note: To view market depth for equities the Level II window must be used.




You can optionally configure additional Columns 4 to display other points of interest relative to the ladder display.



By default, NinjaTrader will come pre-loaded with the following columns:


APQ (Approximate Position in Queue)

We also support custom NinjaScript column development, meaning that programmers and vendors can create custom columns which can be  installed to extend functionality of the SuperDOM display.


Please see our Help Topic on Understanding SuperDOM Columns for more information.

tog_minus        Understanding how market data is displayed

The Price Ladder display section of the SuperDOM displays the current inside market and market depth. Various aspects of this display can be user defined in the SuperDOM Properties window.


The following market depth items can be displayed:


1.Bid Depth
2.Ask Depth
3.Best Bid
4.Best Ask


Last traded price and size (yellow cell in the image below)



tog_minus        How to use the quick buttons at the bottom of the Price Ladder display

The bottom row of the price ladder contains three functions: Buy Market, PnL, and Sell Market.


Market (left cell)

Submits buy market, limit at ask, or limit at bid orders


PnL (center cell)

Displays unrealized profit or loss for the current position


Market (right cell)

Submits sell market, limit at ask, or limit at bid orders




You can change the type of order the MARKET cells submit by holding down the SHIFT key to place limit orders at the ask, or by holding down the CTRL key to place limit orders at the bid. Clicking with your left mouse button on the PnL cell will change the display between points, ticks, currency, percent and pips.

tog_minus        How to display the daily high and low prices

Daily High and Low

The market's daily high 1 and daily low 2 can be optionally displayed.  To enable this feature:


Right click on the SuperDOM, select Properties, check Show daily high/low markers


You can further customize the color of the markers in the SuperDOM Properties dialog window.





Note: Daily High and Low values are not calculated by NinjaTrader and are sent from your data provider.  Not all data providers provide this information for all instrument types.

tog_minus        Understanding how position and profit & loss information is displayed

PnL Display

The PnL field in the bottom of the Price column will show the current unrealized profit/loss for your current open position, and read as PnL when you are FLAT.


You can optionally enable "Show PnL when flat" in the SuperDOM Properties to view your daily account PnL when FLAT




Current Position Display

The cell between the CLOSE button and the REV button will tell you your current position.


When long the field will show as green and list the number of contracts, and when short field will show as red and list the number of contracts. When you do not have an open position the field will say FLAT.

tog_minus        How to adjust the Price Ladder display



Adjusting the Price Ladder display

Move your cursor into the Price Ladder region and use your mouse scroll wheel to adjust market prices up or down.


You can also left mouse click on the "C" button at any time to center the inside market.


Optionally, the Auto Center property will automatically center the inside market price should the last traded price trade outside the visible range on the Price Ladder. You can enable or disable Auto Center at any time by clicking on your right mouse button in the border of the SuperDOM and selecting the menu name Auto Center.





Number of Visible Price Rows

The number of price rows will be dynamically adjusted by vertically re-sizing the SuperDOM window.  The larger the size of the SuperDOM window, the more price levels will be added in automatically.


This achieved in the same manner you would use to resize any other sort of general application window, by moving your mouse cursor to the edge of the window and clicking and dragging until you have reached your desired size.


Increasing / Decreasing the Number of Market Depth Levels

By default, the SuperDOM will display 5 levels of market depth.  However you can configure additional levels of depth to be displayed and is only limited by the number of levels provided by the exchange/data provider combination you are using.

For example, an exchange might provide 10 levels of market depth for an instrument you are trading.  If you would like to view all 10 of these levels on the SuperDOM, simply right click on the SuperDOM, select Properties, and set the # of market depth levels property value to 10 and the press OK.