Chart Trader Properties

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Chart Trader Properties

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Many of the visual display settings of Chart Trader can be customized using the Chart Trader Properties window.

tog_minus        How to access the Chart Trader Properties window

To access the Chart Trader Properties window:


1.Right mouse click within the Chart Trader panel
2.Select the Properties menu item

tog_minus        Available properties and definitions

The following Chart Trader properties are available for configuration within the Chart Trader Properties window:




ATM Strategy selection mode

Sets the behavior of the ATM Strategy dropdown menu (see the ATM Strategy Selection Mode page for more information)

Auto scale

Enables or disables the inclusion of orders and positions in the chart's auto scaling

Order display bar length (% of chart)

Sets the length an order bar is displayed horizontally across the chart as a percentage

PnL display unit

Sets the display unit for profit loss in currency, percent, ticks, pips, or points

Quantity modification for stocks

Set whether new orders submitted to price levels where an orders already exists will increase the original orders size or be submitted as a separate order (only applies to stocks)

Scale quantity

Sets the scale order quantity amount

Show gross realized PnL when flat

Displays realized profit and loss for the selected account in the PnL field when flat

Simulated order volume trigger

Sets the value for a simulated order volume trigger (for entry and exit orders, NOT Stop Loss orders)

Stop limit offset

Sets the offset the limit price is away from the stop price for entry/exit stop-limit orders. Set to 'Off' to disable single click stop-limit order submission.


Sets the colors to be used for various Action buttons


Sets the color, dash style, and width of lines used to represent specific order types

tog_minus        How to set the default properties

Once you have your Chart Trader properties set to your liking, you can left mouse click on the preset text, then click the save option to save these properties as default.




If you change your settings and later wish to go back to the original settings, you can left mouse click on the preset text, then click the restore option.