Working with Strategy Templates

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Working with Strategy Templates

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NinjaTrader allows you to save your Strategy properties as a template that can be loaded or set as the default for new instance of a Strategy when starting the strategy to be used in real-time or for backtesting purposes.  There is no limit to the number of templates you can save.

tog_minus        How to save a strategy template

Saving Strategy Parameters in a Template

To save your strategies's various properties in a template to be recalled for later:


1.  Configured your desired Strategy Properties

2.  Left mouse click on the template text located at the bottom right of the properties dialog




3.  Select the option save which will open a Save Strategy Template dialog window




4.  Enter a custom *name to identify the strategy template

5.  Click the Save button




Tip: If you wish to save your strategy properties as the default values used when recalling these settings, you can call the strategy template name "Default" which will automatically load when a new instance of the strategy has been initiated.

tog_minus        How to load a strategy template

Loading Strategy Parameters from a Template

To recall your previous saved settings:


1.  Left mouse click on the template text located at the bottom right of the properties dialog




2.  Select the option load which will open a Load Strategy Template dialog window




3. Select the desired template name from the list of templates

4.  Click the Load button



tog_minus        How to remove a strategy template

Removing a Strategy Template

To remove a saved Strategy Template:


1.  Open the Load Strategy Template dialog window (see "How to load a strategy template" in the section above)

2.  Right click on the template you wish to remove from the Load dialog menu and select the Remove menu item




Tip: If you wish to rename an existing template, you can select Rename from the same menu