Using the Hot List Analyzer

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Using the Hot List Analyzer

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tog_minus       Understanding Hot Lists

What are hot lists?

Hot lists are a unique list of stocks which are constantly being monitored and updated by your data provider.  These lists will give you valuable information which meet a specific criteria.  For example, if you wanted to know which stocks trading on the NYSE had the highest amount of volume today, you could select the "NYSE Most Actives" hot list.


Who can I use hot lists with?

Hot lists can be used with the following data providers:


Interactive Brokers


What type of hot lists are there?

Hot lists are not hard coded into NinjaTrader and the type of lists that are available will vary depending on your data provider and are subjected to change.  NinjaTrader's Hot list selector will display all current available hot lists from your provider.  If you would like to know what types of hot lists you can get with your data provider, the best way to determine this information is to establish a connection to the data provider and browse the Hot List Selector on the title bar of the Hot List Analyzer.

tog_minus        Understanding the Hot List Analyzer Display

Display Overview



1.  Hot List Selector

Sets the hot list as determined by the data provider.

2.  Last Update Time

Displays the time that the hot list was last updated by the data provider

3.  Hot List Grid

Grid displays various instrument related information, similar to the Market Analyzer Columns

4.  Hot List Value Column

Displays the value of each instrument in the current selected hot list


Right Click Menu



Create Instrument List

Dynamically creates a list of all the current instruments in the Hot List Analyzer display which can be accessed from the Instrument Lists window


Opens the Alerts window to configure user defined alerts to be armed


Opens the Columns menu to configure user defined columns to be displayed

Row Filter

Enables / Disables row filters

Send To

Loads the selected instrument into another NinjaTrader window

Always On Top

Sets the Hot List Analyzer window to always be on top of other windows

Show Tabs

Sets if the Hot List Analyzer displays tabs


Exports the Hot List Analyzer contents to "CSV" or "Excel" file format


Search for a term in the Hot List Analyzer


Displays Print options


Displays Print options

Reload All Historical Data

Reloads the historical bar data used for Indicator calculations

Reload NinjaScript

Reloads all of the NinjaScript columns to recalculate the current values


Access the templates menu to save / load custom Hot List Analyzer settings


Set the Hot List Analyzer properties

tog_minus        Hot List Analyzer vs Market Analyzer

What are the differences between the Hot List Analyzer and Market Analyzer?

The primary difference between the Hot List Analyzer and the Market Analyzer is that while the Market Analyzer allows you custom create rows of Instruments, the Hot List Analyzer does not.  Any instruments that are added to the Hot List Analyzer are dynamically added based on the Hot List you have selected.  The Hot List Analyzer also does not allow you to remove instruments from the current display.


Creating and customizing an Instrument List

If you would like to further customize a list of instruments based off a hot list you have displayed, you can create a custom list of instruments by right clicking on the Hot List Analyzer display and selecting Create Instrument List.  Once the Instrument List has been created, you can open the Instrument List window to customize the list of instruments.  You can also add the Instrument List to the Market Analyzer for run analysis on your custom hot list.